About Us

Our mission is simple: make claim professionals happier and more productive through better technology.
We relentlessly pursue this mission everyday. In 2012, we released DocKit, the first surety-focused claim document management software. We improved upon our mission with the 2015 release of Privity, a full workflow claim data management system.

Our brief story: ClaimKit was started in 2011 by two claim attorneys, Chris and Doug, who were tired of messy claim files and bad software. They brought together a diverse group of technology professionals to develop better solutions for the underserved claim industry. Each ClaimKit team member brings focus, drive and creativity to solve the problems of the 21st Century knowledge worker.

Chris Cheatham


Chris is focused on simple software solutions for knowledge workers. He is never satisfied as he pushes the boundaries of capturing and leveraging digital knowledge. A former attorney, he easily empathizes with his ilk and still has nightmares about the poor software he once used. He distracts himself with Jayhawks basketball, Royals baseball and science fiction.

Doug Reiser


Doug makes sure the ClaimKit train is running. He oversees product development and projects, while ensuring customer satisfaction. In his spare time, Doug must often reign in Chris and his next idea. In his other spare time, Doug brews beer at Burial Beer Co. Drop him an email if you are ever in Asheville.

Dan Burtchett


Dan doesn’t like sports or beer. Conveniently, he really likes computers. Chris and Doug courted Dan for a long time and finally convinced him to be their desperately-needed CTO. Dan seeks his Master’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and Cybersecurity Certification. Also, his cat sometimes wears a tutu.

Tyler Round

Director of Business Services

Tyler is our chief executioner of projects. As a Certified E-Discovery Specialist, Tyler has worked with corporations, attorneys and consultants for over nine years to collect and process the right information to advance litigation. Tyler is also an ardent Kansas City Chiefs fan and is patiently waiting for a playoff win.

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