Case Studies

ClaimKit has managed documents for over $2 billion in claims.
Here are three examples of the work we have done.

i It’s too hard to get documents

  • 29,144 Documents Made
  • 13 Team Members

A construction company was about to go out of business. The customer knew bond claims were coming in the future. “Can you help us?” he asked. We collected all of the principal’s electronic and paper project files and made them available in DocKit. The team used DocKit to manage the project completion and resolve claims. One consultant remarked that DocKit “was a lifesaver.” Lawsuits ensued. Surety attorneys were given access to the DocKit files to investigate and build a case. It was a quick, seamless and cost-effective transition from claims to litigation.

i It’s too hard to share documents

  • 10,425 Documents Made
  • 5 Team Members

A customer was facing bond claims and the claimant produced 19 CDs containing 5 gigabytes of supporting documentation. “Can you help?” he asked ClaimKit. “My attorney and principal both need to review these documents immediately.”

ClaimKit uploaded the documents directly into DocKit and made them available for review. ClaimKit also extracted attachments from 1000 emails and made these available.

We did this all in one day.

i There’s too much data

  • 64,392 Documents Made
  • 3 Team Members

A contractor was near bankruptcy and the customer knew claims were coming. We copied an entire server from the contractor that contained seven years worth of data. We then applied filtering technology to reduce over 200 gigabytes to a more manageable 22 gigabytes for review.

While reviewing the key documents, the team found the key smoking gun – literally one document out of millions. Upon reviewing the document, the customer exclaimed:

“This completely changes everything, for the better.”