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Privity v1.2 Release Notes: Better Functionality and Data Handling Are Here

Privity v1.2 was released early this morning, providing a bevy of bug fixes and some additional features for the app. You may have experienced some access limitations this work as we performed some server tweaking in expectation of the new release. Thank you for bearing with us as we readied the system for a new backend. Check out the full list of bugs and new features below: New Functions: Search Filtering – You will now notice additional options when performing a search for text. Now, users can select from Exact, Fuzzy, Starts With, Contains, or Proximity search. Email Uploading Options – The original application automatically stripped email attachments from emails and added them to your library. With this update, users will be able to select whether they want attachments stripped or not by selecting a checkbox in the Upload panel. Custom Fields Across All Projects/Folders – Now, when you add a custom field to any folder in your Case, you will see the custom field appear in the Select Fields dropdown. Previously, you would only see it appear if the custom field was populated for that particular folder. Backend Process Management – Privity has a new backend that allows it to better manage bulk loading of data. Now, files are  managed in line with the system’s performance capabilities and closes files when processing is finished to improve system load. Expect much safer and faster performance. Bug Fixes: Maintaining Filenames – All files will download with their original filename. Fixes “undefined” filenames that were appearing. Custom Field Editing – Users can now edit their custom field information from the Grid and be certain that it saves. Custom Attribute Re-sorting Upon Add – When custom fields were populated/added the application was sorting the field to show the files Maximum File Count – The maximum file count for a directory was set at 1000 and we have removed that cap. Please follow and like us:

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The Workflow You Deserve

I have been spending a lot of time with claims people lately. I mean all over the spectrum: surety guys, consultant gals, legal geniuses, you name it. Everyone battles with the pain of changing their modus operandi. After all, it takes a long time to find a comfortable way to effectively work each and every day. But hey, honestly, lets get real. How many of us are actually confident that we have the best method? I have a “default desktop” that drives my work comfort. Check it out to the left. If I have all these machines in place, my water and my tea/coffee (depending on my health level) – I’m ok. But does it really make me work any better? Doubtful. I could completely reorganize without a single effect on my productivity. The reality is that the setup means little. The tools mean a lot. And if the tools are easy to use, then they mean even more. The easier to use, the more I use. The more I use, the better I am at my job. I know my desktop can improve. But I don’t need to change that minor detail. Taking the time to find the tools that make me better at working at tasks and with my teammates – that is where I must focus. Each and every day new tools hit the market. Some free, some with a cost, but all with a purpose to improve your workflow. It behooves you to continue to give them a try, regardless if it removes you from that modus operandi. For one of these tools just might make your work life easier, better, and organized. Please follow and like us:

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Making Promises You Can Keep

It’s time to get a little personal on this blog. We are, of course, real people. Let’s talk like it. I recognize that every person that works in the claim and litigation space has to deal with an incredible amount of stress, heavy job demands and a desire to be great at what they do. I get it. I know this because I once lived the very same life, married to a docket. That is why I find it so very important to spend time with our colleagues outside the office. Last week I got the great opportunity to join some clients in my home state for some basketball, craft beer and what appeared to be a chicken wrapped in pretzel dough? Righteous. It’s no secret that getting outside the office is fun. But I have come to find that I come across the greatest of ideas in these formats. Perhaps removing one’s self from the stresses of work allows you to really focus on pain points of your workflow. Whatever it is, it is positive. And allowing that valuable feedback to fall through the cracks is such a waste of time. So I harness it. Pain points lead to improvements at ClaimKit. They always have; they always will. When I hear of pain points, I make it my mission to resolve them with our software. Most things are doable; some things just aren’t. But if we know that it is feasible to improve our products to make a customer’s life easier – I am going to do it. Nothing is better than telling a customer: “I am going to do that for you.” And most of the improvements to our products are exactly that – fulfilled promises. So if I ever tell you that I am going to fix your problem, I mean it. Take it to the bank. Any business worth its salt knows that a kept promise is just the norm. A failed promise is a heck of a let down.   Please follow and like us:

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ClaimKit beta 2.0.2 Hits the Web This Week With New Features

ClaimKit beta 2.0.2 was released this week, providing a bevy of bug fixes and some additional features for the platform. We are excited to offer customers the ability to move and copy files over to new projects and folders, which will improve workflow and allow Cases to be shared with outside team members. We have also added the All Aboard case to provide better instruction and support for your team members to get on board with ClaimKit. Check out the full list of bugs and new features below: New Functions: Move/Copy Files to New Location – The new icon to the left of the Custom Attributes button allows a user to permanently move files or create a new copy of files in a new location. Teams can now isolate documents for review by other team members. For example, an attorney can review documents for privileged communication and move or copy any files that can be produced in court, into a new Project. Opposing counsel could be given access to that new Project to access the files. The All Aboard Case – As part of our on-going task to be great at customer support, we have created All Aboard. This Case will be present in each Client’s ClaimKit Case View. The Case includes static documents that allow us to better instruct users on how to use ClaimKit. It also provides a great “test drive” for members of your team. New Billing Dashboard – Our admins have a new billing dashboard to go along with our new, incredible pricing. The pricing model allows customers to bill their team licenses to Cases or to their Department. Up to you! Users Can Create Other Users – We have added functionality to allow Manage users to add Review users. Previously, only Authorize users could add other users. Bug Fixes: Login Button Disabling – The login button is no longer disabled on auto-fill, allowing you to click it without tabbing through the entry spaces. Case Creation Permissions – Provided new permissions for Manage users so that they can create cases. We have also added a dialog to advise Review users that they cannot create a Case. Forcing Name of Client in Create Case – Deactivates the Create Case button until a Client name has been entered Review Users See Cases – An error prevented users with Review Only access from seeing the Case names. They now can view all Cases to […]

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Super Bowl Football Celebration Decorating Ideas

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What are Legal Sunk Costs?

Leave to Seth Godin to help me understand something I have been thinking about (but couldn’t put a name to). Ignore sunk costs. Money and effort you spent yesterday should have nothing to do with decisions you make tomorrow, because each decision is a new one. Seth provides a simple example:  if you bought a $10,000 machine that makes a widget for $.10 but you can buy a new $10,000 machine that makes widgets for $.05, you should buy the new one because it will soon save you money. That’s all well and good, but how does that apply in non-financial settings? How do sunk costs apply to lawyers?  If you have spent $1 million on litigation as the law firm or customer, should you ignore these costs when opposing counsel makes an offer?  Maybe. If you have spent $5000 every year training your team to use $10,000 software, but now you can purchase $10,000 software with free training, the previous training you purchased is just a sunk cost. What other sunk costs are encountered in the legal world? As a postscript, I am happy to tell you about my personal struggle with sunk costs.  At ClaimKit, we started out by scanning lots and lots of documents and making them available to claim professionals.  Then we got into data, like the email stored on servers and laptops.  For the last couple years, we have delivered both documents and data to claim professionals. As I evaluated our customer success stories, it became readily apparent that the “wins” come from our customers reviewing data (as opposed to scanned paper documents).  I told the ClaimKit board about my findings and my sinking suspicion that we should focus on making more data available while limiting the scanning we do. They agreed.  But they provided one warning:  go for it.  Don’t look back, just do it. So we will go for it. What sunk costs do you encounter everyday? Please follow and like us:

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