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ClaimKit beta 2.0.2 Hits the Web This Week With New Features

ClaimKit beta 2.0.2 was released this week, providing a bevy of bug fixes and some additional features for the platform. We are excited to offer customers the ability to move and copy files over to new projects and folders, which will improve workflow and allow Cases to be shared with outside team members. We have also added the All Aboard case to provide better instruction and support for your team members to get on board with ClaimKit. Check out the full list of bugs and new features below:

New Functions:

  • Move/Copy Files to New Location – The new icon to the left of the Custom Attributes button allows a user to permanently move files or create a new copy of files in a new location. Teams can now isolate documents for review by other team members. For example, an attorney can review documents for privileged communication and move or copy any files that can be produced in court, into a new Project. Opposing counsel could be given access to that new Project to access the files.
  • The All Aboard Case – As part of our on-going task to be great at customer support, we have created All Aboard. This Case will be present in each Client’s ClaimKit Case View. The Case includes static documents that allow us to better instruct users on how to use ClaimKit. It also provides a great “test drive” for members of your team.
  • New Billing Dashboard – Our admins have a new billing dashboard to go along with our new, incredible pricing. The pricing model allows customers to bill their team licenses to Cases or to their Department. Up to you!
  • Users Can Create Other Users – We have added functionality to allow Manage users to add Review users. Previously, only Authorize users could add other users.

Bug Fixes:

  • Login Button Disabling – The login button is no longer disabled on auto-fill, allowing you to click it without tabbing through the entry spaces.
  • Case Creation Permissions – Provided new permissions for Manage users so that they can create cases. We have also added a dialog to advise Review users that they cannot create a Case.
  • Forcing Name of Client in Create Case – Deactivates the Create Case button until a Client name has been entered
  • Review Users See Cases – An error prevented users with Review Only access from seeing the Case names. They now can view all Cases to which they have permission to view a Project.
  • Search by Filename – A small error prevented Filename from being searched in Search by Field actions. Corrected.
  • Type-Ahead in Custom Attribute  – Resolved error that prevented user from selecting type-ahead field name.
  • Duplicate Fields in Grid View – Resolved error that showed 2 copies of a field when selected.
  • Maintain Order of Default Fields – The default fields shown in Grid View now always go back into order when de-selected and re-selected, not to the end like before.
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