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Our team collects claim documents and data and hosts them in our web-based software, so that your claim team can access, search, and hold collaborative discussion.


Our services make it easy to copy the documents and data you need to manage your claims or litigation. We can scan paper documents onsite or offsite depending on your need. And, we collect data from servers and computers. We get the information you need and deliver to you and your team in Privity, our web-based software application, for easy review. By getting all of the documents and data you need up front one time, you can rest assured that you have the information you need as your matter progresses.



We make sure messy claim documents don’t happen. By controlling your claim file from the moment it is copied to the close out of the case, you can guarantee organization and efficiency:


  • Copy once. Redundant Collections are eliminated if you get everything one time instead of relying on various claim professionals to pick out what they need at one moment in time.
  • Skip the print job. Unnecessary printing and shipping is eliminated as your claim file is automatically converted to a searchable, digital database.
  • Keep it organized. We have perfected a process to cost-effectively copy digital and paper documents and maintain the onsite organization in your new digital file.

Scan paper records

Copy servers and laptops

Cull electronic records

We’ve got your back (and your backup).

Have you ever wondered where your files are at? Have you ever lived through the horror that is a corrupted flash drive? At ClaimKit, we keep your originals and a back up of your originals. It’s our job to keep your electronic data safe, secure and accessible. And we do it. Meet Tyler Round, our Director of Client Support.

Kill Messy Claim Files Once and For All

You are a claim professional. Your job is to evaluate claims and litigation. Let us help you collect and organize your claim documents.

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