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Our team collects claim documents and data and hosts them in our web-based software, so that your claim team can access, search, and hold collaborative discussion.


Often times, claim handlers are overwhelmed by the amount of documents in a claim file, and more importantly, by the number of people who need access to these important documents.

Privity is our web-based software application that allows insurance companies, sureties, law firms and consultants to access digital claim documents in one location from anywhere.  It’s a place for various members of a claim team to upload, access, annotate, and review the same documents throughout the life of claims and litigation.


Privity was created by two claim attorneys frustrated by the existing software solutions.  Complicated electronic discovery applications are too expensive and, well, complicated.  Lightweight document management applications don’t have the features needed to search, annotate or share.  Privity is the only robust, cost-effective software application that can be used throughout the life of a claim and litigation.

We take data security seriously.

At ClaimKit, we make data security a top priority by utilizing state of the art server technology and third party security applications. When you use Privity, we provide you with a secure connection, protect your data from interception and prevent disclosure of your personal data. We also regularly test our security through third parties and proactively approach vendor review processes initiated by our customers.

Our IT pain is your gain.

Privity is run on the cloud on our trusted servers.  This means that you don’t have to buy servers or IT support to manage your claim document software.  Whether you are a large insurance company or a small law firm, you can be confident that you will have access to your key documents and data at a fraction of the cost of local storage.  We go to great lengths to make claim document technology easy and safe for you.

Designed by Claim Pros for Claim Pros

That means we included intuitive features that you need most like:

● Annotation tools that let you share info quickly
● Easy uploading so you can get organized
● Intuitive searching and tagging

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