How Can We Help

Our team collects claim documents and data and hosts them in our web-based software, so that your claim team can access, search, and hold collaborative discussion.


Review and provide feedback to clients and working associates on the contents of claim documents and manage litigation requests for discovery.  Annotate documents, mark for approval, and send to consultants for analysis all in a secure, web-based program: Privity.



As construction projects grow larger and more complex, surety and construction risk management professionals struggle to collaborate around the correct set of documents and provide consistent advice to multiple stakeholders.  Know where your documents reside, who has reviewed them, and where your team stands on key decisions.

Search for key provisions across a document library and review historical analysis provided by other team members.

Compare two documents side-by-side to determine changes made from one version to the next (even different file types).

Documents can be labeled and located based on project type, price, owner, contract type, contractor, clause, or any other descriptive field.

Do You Really Want to Email That Critical Document?

Email isn’t secure and it was never meant to be the center of our digital lives.  The back and forth that accompanies technical discussions clutters up inboxes. Privity frees you of these security concerns and inbox clutter during complicated document reviews. Documents and analysis are stored in one secure location. Doesn’t that make sense?

Digital Knowledge is Power

Legal professionals and the projects they review are spread out across the globe.
Privity is the software application that allows professionals to collaborate and leverage claim document analysis,
anytime, anywhere.

Privity is the answer.