How does ClaimKit collect documents?

ClaimKit reacts immediately to our clients’ needs. When a problem emerges with a principal, ClaimKit can deploy its team immediately. Documents may be in a number of formats, located in a number of places, held by different people. ClaimKit finds out where the records are and coordinates procurement. ClaimKit can collect documents on-site using state of the art scanning technologies shipped to the site. ClaimKit professionals will scan records, preserving the data and organization used on the job site or at the contractor’s office. ClaimKit also can do the following:

  • FTP/Upload – Our FTP site allows users to simply upload records in bulk, depositing them in folders created specifically for your projects.
  • EMail – ClaimKit personnel can receive emails with attached documents, one at a time or in bulk.
  • Hard Drive – We can ship you a hard drive that can be loaded with data and returned to our office.
  • Mail – If you are old-fashioned, documents can be mailed or sent via courier to ClaimKit’s offices.
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