Why do I need a document manager?

ClaimKit wants claim handlers to get back to doing what they do well – reviewing claims! Many claim handlers are bogged down by considerable document collection and coordination. Once they finally get those records, they have a very difficult time organizing, sorting, filtering, centralizing, and delivering those documents in an accessible format that others can view. Worst yet, they are stuck having to review physical records – which can only be done at the office!  ClaimKit takes over document collection and organization for you, delivering the final product online where claim handlers can access it when they want, where they want. ClaimKit was founded by construction lawyers that know construction claim documentation. Our procedures are thorough, efficient and secure. As document managers, ClaimKit will provide you swift, clean, cost-effective, and unburdensome document preparation. Get back to doing what you do well, and forget about cleaning up document messes.

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