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How We Made Privity Even Better in v1.1

ClaimKit launched Privity two weeks ago. There was no party, no promotional pack, no advertising blast. We simply laid out our year-long endeavor in a quick email to our trusted users. But we cheated you all. We failed to tell you why Privity was a substantial improvement on our past application.

Privity was built with team work in mind. Claims are best resolved by the tandem, a team of professionals who each share their own skill. But never before has the team been able to share their skills in a real-time environment, without being in a meeting room together.

Version 1.1 was released today. Here is what we focused on to make this a reality:

Real-Time Communication


Our new message center allows users to communicate throughout the workday, sharing comments about documents, assigning tasks or requesting assistance from their team members. The Message Center stores sent messages, notifies you when you have new messages and allows you to send a message to anyone from anywhere in the system (just look for the little envelope in the upper right corner).

More importantly, the Message Center gives you real-time access to our support team. Simply send a message to Privity Support and we will respond back to your Message Center. Easy stuff.

Keep Track with Notifications


Privity includes an Activity Log that allows users to keep track of what is going on in their Case. Some users may have used this in the past, but we put some new bells and whistles on it to allow you to track more activities, such as document uploads, document downloads and the addition of notes.

But now, you don’t have to login and check each day – we tell you. Sign up for Daily Digest notifications in your Account Settings menu to get a daily update of changes to your Case via email or the Message Center. Receiving notifications allows you to trigger when you have to do work.


Review Email Data in a Cinch

searching fields


Sorting through email has become the most crucial job function for claim managers. Email is the way we talk during construction projects, and coincidentally email now contains the vast majority of directives, files, and observations from the construction site.

Privity focuses on the email hunt with a few necessary features:

  • Email attachment support – Attachments on emails are stripped from the parent email file and added into your library alongside the parent. This allows you to view all of the content of emails
  • Email Field Data Sorting – You can view the Email From, Email To, Email CC, Email BCC, Email Subject and other important email metadata fields – right in the grid view. This data can be sorted on the go for better review.
  • Field Searching – Our early beta version of the Search by Field tool allowed users to drill down into data in their Case by searching for particular data in a certain metadata field. This allows users to locate senders and recipients of email or other crucial information. But today’s application allows users to narrow that search not only to your Case, but also to the content in view, whether that be a whole project, folder or simply the search results of a tag or text search.

Search Narrow, Find the Needle in the Haystack


Searching tools are the biggest value add that we give you – we know that. Searching narrowly allows you to reduce your review to data that actually matter. We took that to heart in Privity and added additional search functionality to improve your workflow:

  • Fuzzy and Exact Search – These search functions allow you to cater the type of target data you are looking to find. They also accept common boolean functions.
  • Proximity Search – The addition of proximity search allows users to get narrow with their data set. Find “damages” within 100 words of “plumber” to limit your content to a particular incident.
  • Target Search – You can now also limit your search to the document content, metadata or annotations – or search all three. This becomes very helpful when trying to sort through heavy notes left by your team members.

Whatever the challenge, Privity is up for it. Your ClaimKit team is eager to hear what else you guys want to see in the application. And as always, we will work hard to deliver it to you.

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