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Making Promises You Can Keep

Behold, the almighty escape. This one is my own, Burial Beer in Asheville. Come visit me

Behold, the almighty escape. This one is my own, Burial Beer in Asheville. Come visit me anytime.

It’s time to get a little personal on this blog. We are, of course, real people. Let’s talk like it.

I recognize that every person that works in the claim and litigation space has to deal with an incredible amount of stress, heavy job demands and a desire to be great at what they do. I get it. I know this because I once lived the very same life, married to a docket. That is why I find it so very important to spend time with our colleagues outside the office. Last week I got the great opportunity to join some clients in my home state for some basketball, craft beer and what appeared to be a chicken wrapped in pretzel dough? Righteous.

It’s no secret that getting outside the office is fun. But I have come to find that I come across the greatest of ideas in these formats. Perhaps removing one’s self from the stresses of work allows you to really focus on pain points of your workflow. Whatever it is, it is positive. And allowing that valuable feedback to fall through the cracks is such a waste of time. So I harness it. Pain points lead to improvements at ClaimKit. They always have; they always will.

When I hear of pain points, I make it my mission to resolve them with our software. Most things are doable; some things just aren’t. But if we know that it is feasible to improve our products to make a customer’s life easier – I am going to do it.

Nothing is better than telling a customer: “I am going to do that for you.” And most of the improvements to our products are exactly that – fulfilled promises. So if I ever tell you that I am going to fix your problem, I mean it. Take it to the bank. Any business worth its salt knows that a kept promise is just the norm. A failed promise is a heck of a let down.


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