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Privity v1.2 Release Notes: Better Functionality and Data Handling Are Here

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 12.56.38 PMPrivity v1.2 was released early this morning, providing a bevy of bug fixes and some additional features for the app. You may have experienced some access limitations this work as we performed some server tweaking in expectation of the new release. Thank you for bearing with us as we readied the system for a new backend.

Check out the full list of bugs and new features below:

New Functions:

  • Search Filtering – You will now notice additional options when performing a search for text. Now, users can select from Exact, Fuzzy, Starts With, Contains, or Proximity search.
  • Email Uploading Options – The original application automatically stripped email attachments from emails and added them to your library. With this update, users will be able to select whether they want attachments stripped or not by selecting a checkbox in the Upload panel.
  • Custom Fields Across All Projects/Folders – Now, when you add a custom field to any folder in your Case, you will see the custom field appear in the Select Fields dropdown. Previously, you would only see it appear if the custom field was populated for that particular folder.
  • Backend Process Management – Privity has a new backend that allows it to better manage bulk loading of data. Now, files are  managed in line with the system’s performance capabilities and closes files when processing is finished to improve system load. Expect much safer and faster performance.

Bug Fixes:

  • Maintaining Filenames – All files will download with their original filename. Fixes “undefined” filenames that were appearing.
  • Custom Field Editing – Users can now edit their custom field information from the Grid and be certain that it saves.
  • Custom Attribute Re-sorting Upon Add – When custom fields were populated/added the application was sorting the field to show the files
  • Maximum File Count – The maximum file count for a directory was set at 1000 and we have removed that cap.
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