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my default desktop. I can get better

my default desktop. I can get better

I have been spending a lot of time with claims people lately. I mean all over the spectrum: surety guys, consultant gals, legal geniuses, you name it. Everyone battles with the pain of changing their modus operandi. After all, it takes a long time to find a comfortable way to effectively work each and every day.

But hey, honestly, lets get real. How many of us are actually confident that we have the best method? I have a “default desktop” that drives my work comfort. Check it out to the left. If I have all these machines in place, my water and my tea/coffee (depending on my health level) – I’m ok. But does it really make me work any better? Doubtful. I could completely reorganize without a single effect on my productivity.

The reality is that the setup means little. The tools mean a lot. And if the tools are easy to use, then they mean even more. The easier to use, the more I use. The more I use, the better I am at my job.

I know my desktop can improve. But I don’t need to change that minor detail. Taking the time to find the tools that make me better at working at tasks and with my teammates – that is where I must focus.

Each and every day new tools hit the market. Some free, some with a cost, but all with a purpose to improve your workflow. It behooves you to continue to give them a try, regardless if it removes you from that modus operandi. For one of these tools just might make your work life easier, better, and organized.

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