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Meet Privity: Your Trusted Claim Companion is Here


Well, it took us a full year to make it. But it sure is pretty. The “ClaimKit 2.0 beta project” officially has a name and has been released much to the delight of old and new users. ClaimKit’s new Cadillac of claim data and communication management is aptly named, Privity.

Privity is a new way of thinking about working on claims. After 4 years of close work with our claim pals, we realized that a premium is put on the claim team as a whole – not any of its single members. Privity fosters the close knit relationship of claim team members by giving them a secure tunnel for sharing information and their comments.

So a year ago we set out to make an application for each of our users. Privity provides tools that every surety, insurer, consultant, forensic accountant, attorney and contractor can agree upon. The application puts a new emphasis on the ease of sharing information, by allowing users to communicate within it, through messaging and discussions. Privity also improves data review by adding metadata viewing, sorting, and isolation. Our new search powers reach far beyond the capabilities of DocKit, with advanced search options and targeting. And now you can upload your desktop folder organization – or that of your principal – with a simple drop on the screen tool.

When you navigate to from now on, you will see the Privity Login option in the upper right hand corner. Never fear, this gets you to your cases and data. You can also continue to access the application at Your friendly support team of Doug and Tyler are still here to shepherd you through the system and answer your questions – and their emails have not changed.

From the beginning, we sought to name the new application in an appropriate way. We wanted to recognize the values of our customers and combine them with an increased sense of security. Privity represents the most noble and respected of bonds while promising a priority on data privacy and a privileged experience for all of our users. We dig it. We know you will as well.

Stay tuned for release notes outlining the new features in Privity (coded as ClaimKit beta 2.1). All customer teams are being provided with the opportunity to have a 1 on 1 demonstration of the new system and its features. Please contact with any questions or to setup a demonstration.

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